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Interactive Intelligence Customer Interaction Center is Miercom Certified

November 25, 2013

Interactive Intelligence, a specialist in software and services that can enhance customer experience, was successful in achieving the Miercom performance verified certification for its contact center and unified communications software, CIC.

Customer interaction center or CIC 4.0 serves as an all-in-one IP communications software suite and it was certified based on its scalability, call-handling/processing capabilities and other features, said officials.

Rob Smithers, CEO of Miercom said, “Based on our observations during the multi-day lab test, CIC 4.0 showed impressive performance results, processing about 32,000 simultaneous interactions without a hiccup.”

“Combined with a wide range of features for both agents and business users, CIC 4.0 has proven to be a reliable and comprehensive communications solution for organizations with up to hundreds of thousands of users.”

Miercom, a provider of performance testing services, simulated a true contact center and enterprise environment to create an optimum testing environment. CIC 4.0 was able to support 10,000 agents, 10,000 stations (phones) and 5,000 live automatic call distribution (ACD) agents. The interactions which formed part of the testing included calls, emails and Web chats in addition to text-to-speech, speech recognition and a simulated failure.

The interaction mobilizer feature of the CIC 4.0, a mobile customer service development platform, was recognized by Miercom as an efficient and consistent service experience provider on mobile devices. This is expected to serve the burgeoning numbers of mobile device users. Organizations will be able to ensure consistent service experience for all users now.

Also the interaction process automation or IPA feature garnered praise from Miercom as it can capture, prioritize, route, escalate, track and manage tasks covering entire business lifecycles. Also the interaction speech recognition engine does not require third-party speech components, which are expensive.

Interaction content manager a new feature to be added later combines an organization’s content to its communications and business processes which enables the delivery of the right content where and when needed. This is cost effective and enhances employee productivity customer service, added officials.

In June 2013, Sonus Networks’ SBC 5200 Network Border Switch was given the Miercom performance verified certification. It is a high density, high scalability session border control (SBC) solution featuring media interworking, advanced routing and policy engine, and multi-access security gateway functions.

Edited by Rory J. Thompson