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Contact Center Solutions Week in Review

November 16, 2013

It’s the weekend, so it’s time to take a look back at the week’s happenings and the world of contact center solutions. Following is a summary of the top stories of the week.

Many contact center organizations find success by building a comprehensive action plan when it comes time to move to the cloud. This involves gathering information, ascertaining needs (both the organization’s AND the customer’s), establishing organizational buy-in, evaluating solutions and testing and training. By engaging in a fact-finding and education process before a cloud-based contact center purchase, companies can be sure they are making the right choice for their organization. A recent Web event titled, “A Practical Guide for Moving Your Contact Center to the Cloud,” was designed to help companies do just that.

Cloud contact center vendor NewVoiceMedia intends to steal the limelight on November 20th by attempting to set a new world record for building a full fledged contact center in less than 30 minutes. The vendor plans to set the ball rolling with the official launch of a strategic partnership with cloud communications provider Twilio at its headquarters in San Francisco, where the event will take place.

Veeva works, a provider of cloud-based software for the global life sciences industry, announced the new mobile customer relationship management (CRM) and closed loop marketing (CLM) solution for Windows 8 operating system. Life sciences companies are searching solutions to equip field users with a single device to streamline selling efficiency and reduce IT maintenance.

Offshore contact centers are not popular with Americans. We dislike the foreign accents, the “lost in translation” cultural differences and the idea that jobs that U.S. workers could be filling are being sent to foreign nations in order to better line the pockets of CEOs and boards of directors.  For this reason, many companies go to extraordinary lengths to hide the fact that they use offshore contact center representatives. New legislation being proposed in Congress, however, may present even more hurdles for companies that send call center work offshore.

There was a time when customers could only communicate with businesses via phone, e-mail or in person. But today, with customer service going the multichannel way, you would expect that the holiday shopping season would be less stressful for businesses. Bryant Wilson, CEO of On Hold Company, appears to think differently. His views are based on a report from a recent survey conducted by American Express that showed only 10 percent of respondents preferred Web or e-mail assistance for important issues.

Latest telecommunications technology solutions and services have been improving overall performance and efficiency of organizations considerably but at the same time raise some serious concerns about protection of privacy with data transmission, and medical facilities such as hospitals and nursing homes are no exception. Voalte, a provider of advanced clinical communication technology solutions that enable medical professionals to utilize the best out of their time and efforts, has launched its new white paper that takes a deeper look into how healthcare staff members of a hospital can contact each other through secure text messaging.

For the beginner it is important to understand the forex trading basics, so that they are able to choose from an array of trading platforms and variety of accounts with discretion. Customer support services thus play a crucial role in forex- trading, where one country is pitted against another and millions of traders are placing bid against one another almost every second.

In the contact center industry, it helps to pay attention to surveys of customer service attitudes, particularly when they are stratified by particular industries, customer demographics or regions. Unified IP business communications solutions provider Interactive Intelligence Group Inc. recently released the findings of its Middle East customer service experience survey.

Social networking and social media sites are well established these days. That makes it rather hard to break into the market unless you are offering a truly unique idea. Norwegian entrepreneur Hanna Aase hopes that her new video profile application offers something unique enough that it can make some inroads. Dubbed Wonderloop, the application might first appear to be something along the lines of Instagram but Aase claims it is actually quite a bit more.

That’s all for this week in the contact center solutions arena. See you again next week!

Edited by Peter Bernstein