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Forex-Metal Adds French-Speaking Agents To Its Customer Support Team

November 12, 2013

Foreign exchange trading is considered one of the most sophisticated forms of investment. Given the complexities and risks associated with this special kind of transaction, forex trading is apparently not suitable for just about everybody. There is an array of broking firms that can help you get introduced to the art and science of foreign exchange trading through a step-by-step approach.


For the beginner it is important to understand the forex trading basics, so that they are able to choose from an array of trading platforms and variety of accounts with discretion. Customer support services thus play a crucial role in forex- trading, where one country is pitted against another and millions of traders are placing bid against one another almost every second. From opening a forex account and starting to bid to devising a trading strategy to reap the maximum profits---there are many aspects where a forex broker can help you build up an impressive investment portfolio.


Thus there must be a strong customer support team for the broking companies to be successful. Forex-Metal, a Forex and CFD broker that has customers spread across the globe, has always focused on building an efficient, multi-lingual customer support team for its multi-national clientele. Recently, the company has further expanded its customer support team to woo its French-speaking customers.


With its range of its forex trading and CFD trading services, Forex-Metal strives to make the transaction easier for the seasoned traders and less complex for the beginners. Its multi-lingual customer support team already includes Chinese, Japanese, Portuguese, Spanish, German, and Arabic-speaking support agents. Now with the inclusion of French-speaking customer support agents into its team, the company is expected to gain popularity among its rapidly growing client base in the French-speaking countries. .


“The continued expansion of our Customer Support Department clearly demonstrates our commitment to better serve our rapidly growing client base. We are sure that the addition of French support agents will improve the customer experience of our clients from French-speaking countries,” says Mark Kaye, Head of Sales and Marketing.


French-speaking support agents can be accessed by email and Facebook, officials said in a statement.

Edited by Cassandra Tucker