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Latin American Contact Center Market - Buoyant with some Hiccups says Frost & Sullivan Report

November 07, 2013

The contact center market in Latin America appears to be surging forward strongly showing no signs of a let up in the near future. Over the last few years, this market has progressed rapidly in terms of quality, infrastructure, performance, and systems. Mexico’s robust growth, undeterred by the economic downturn and Brazil’s current dominance seem to bear this out.

Frost & Sullivan in its study, Latin American Contact Center Systems Market 2013, acknowledges this trend and estimates that revenues will touch $506.4 million in 2019, a CAGR of seven percent.

"The Mexican contact center systems market will experience maximum growth in the region driven by a favorable labor scenario and a healthy economy that is fast recovering from the downturn," said Juan Manuel González, enterprise communications industry manager at Frost &Sullivan.

One point of concern voiced by González is that many key companies in the region have not been as fortunate as Mexico in weathering the economic slowdown. Vendors are struggling to maintain sale volumes while some large contact center system vendors are in the red.

However, with the Latin American market exhibiting strong interest in performance optimization tools like contact center analytics, workforce management tools and integrated suites of quality monitoring and demand for these solutions set to rapidly increase. It could well prove to be a turning point, according to González.

"Proactive tools will also become popular as companies in the region change their reactive posture toward end-user needs and look to provide consumers with new offers or services, even before customers ask for them," observed González.

He also states that social media integration is one segment where contact centers would need to be more aggressive. Latin American contact centers would do well to push forward from its present experimental position of using social media as a customer service channel. This will reinforce its position in the industry.

What all this boils down to is that the future expansion pace of the contact center market will be decided by the resilience of the market and the speed at which customized solutions find their way into industries.

As the market revives in certain depressed regions, González believes that all vendors would need to provide tailored solutions for diverse clients across industries in order to ensure that growth in Latin America’s contact center industry is sustained.

Edited by Peter Bernstein