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Moving Your Contact Center to the Cloud - Getting Practical Answers about Migration

November 04, 2013

If you read the headlines, it seems like we have entered the “Everything as a Service (EaaS) Age.” Yes, it does seem that “E”verything is moving to the cloud and that the only question is how long it is going to take for enterprises to get with the program. The hype even suggests that making the move to the cloud is, to borrow a Halloween expression, “as easy as pumpkin pie.”

The fact of the matter is that while pumpkin pie tastes great, it is not easy to make, and is hard to make really good. It takes preparation, attention to detail, making sure the steps are in the correct sequence, for the end result to be pleasing to the palate.   The same is true about the cloud. There is no denying the business benefits for moving some if not all of your IT capabilities to the cloud. However, like that pie, the devil really is in the details and pleasing outcomes are a direct function of having the right ingredients from trusted sources, and instructions as to the best way to proceed to assure a result that meets or exceeds your expectations. This may be doubly true when it comes to moving something as mission-critical as your contact center “infostructure”—the software, hardware, applications and business processes—to the cloud. There is no need to fret and a lot to consider.

When it comes to migrating your contact center to the cloud, while every migration has its own unique challenges, the bulk of such migrations share a preponderance of similarities. As a result there are best practices to follow and pitfalls to avoid.

If you are evaluating moving your contact center to cloud-based solutions, and there are lots of reasons you should be whether you are a small business with 10 or a few more agents working from a single facility or are a large enterprise with thousands agents at multiple sites including agents working from home, you need a practical guide for getting migration right the first time.

The good news is that if you have questions, a great place to get answers will be the free webinar being hosted by Interactive Intelligence, “A Practical Guide for Moving Your Contact Center to the Cloud,” to be held Thursday, Nov. 14 at 11:30 a.m. Eastern time (EST).

Industry experts Drew Kraus, research vice president for Gartner; Donna Fluss, founder and president of DMG Consulting; and Joe Staples, chief marketing officer for Interactive Intelligence in this 75-minute webcast are going to go behind the headlines on moving contact centers to the cloud and provide practical and actionable advice on how to plan, select, and deploy a cloud contact center solution.

Using real-world examples, presenters will detail the three stages of cloud migration:

  • Pre-planning
  • Vendor selection
  • Implementation

In addressing each stage of moving from consideration to live operation, presenters will provide best practices for security validation, cultural considerations, cut-over planning, data migration, and ongoing administration. Plus, a significant amount of time has been allotted for live online for answering participants’ questions. 

“Industry experts forecast cloud contact center growth figures 10 times that of premises-based solutions,” Interactive Intelligence’s Staples said. “In particular, the cloud model has shown that it can have a profound impact on improving the customer experience. As a result, it’s timely to offer contact center leaders concrete advice from seasoned analysts and consultants to help them smoothly and cost-effectively transition to the cloud.”

So if you are thinking of moving your contact center to the cloud, and even if you are more than just thinking about it and already have it on your roadmap, migration issues are obviously going to be top of mind, and this really is a case where knowledge is power.

Edited by Ryan Sartor



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