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Contact Solutions Urges Retailers to Exceed Mobile Customer Expectations

November 01, 2013

Oftentimes it seems strange that businesses and retailers have still been unable to gauge customers correctly and find out what they really want, in spite of professing that they are customer-centric. Today’s mobile and tech-savvy consumers want immediate gratification, consistently good user experience, failing which they don’t hesitate to turn elsewhere.

Businesses are unprepared to take them on and are finding it hard to live up to high mobile customer expectations. Contact solutions Mobile Consumer Study’ and whitepaper revealed that current mobile customer care services offered by businesses did indeed fall exceedingly short of customer expectations.

This can be rather damaging for retailers for the study indicates that mobile devices play a big role in the lives of customers today. And, with mobile apps threatening to dominate the consumer landscape and m-commerce coming of age, they have gained even greater value in the eyes of customers.

Noting this trend, Sameer Siddiqui, director of mobile products at Contact Solutions underscored the importance for businesses to have a customer-centric model for mobile customer care for today’s consumer, who wants to be in control of an interaction –something that the traditional customer service can’t support. For instance, mobile customers don’t want to be passed off on to a 800 number for customer service, they want personal interaction at a personal level , immediate resolution of issues and are frustrated if they don’t get that.

Siddiqui goes on to add that even the existing mobile apps are not up to the mark as they fail to create a seamless customer care experience within the app. Customers want more but want to do less. This is something that retailers have got to get used to and address directly, for if they don’t customers will migrate without any qualms.

Strangely, this challenge presents a whale of an opportunity for retailers. If only they could obtain a deeper insight about customers’ mobile experiences and learn how to create enterprising, versatile and useful experiences that fit the consumer’s new mobile lifestyle, businesses can bridge the gap or at least lessen the gulf between customer expectations and mobile services provided. This is the only way that they can reach out directly to the consumers.

Today, customers call the shots and their impact is so great that they can either make or break a brand. They want a lot and expect to get that and more. Siddiqui says that businesses need their customers to stay and hence must proportionally raise their offerings to the same level to retain them.

Edited by Peter Bernstein