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Teradata Announces General Availability of Customer Interaction Manager (CIM) in the Cloud

October 23, 2013

Teradata’s new Customer Interaction Manager (CIM) in the cloud is termed as a data-driven marketing solution that can instill real-time, dialogue-based customer interaction into digital and traditional communications channels.

Customers nowadays are more connected than ever before, and their data that is stored and produced over various formats is flowing through the Internet around the clock. Apart from that, channels and social networks, too, are continuously evolving. Though there is a lot of value associated with that customer data that is flowing through various channels and platforms, there aren’t many marketing tools available for businesses to reap that value.

The Teradata Customer Interaction Manager either deployed on-premise or over the cloud is packed with advanced capabilities that can be used to engage customers and extend the reach of marketing efforts while at the same time enhancing communications that drives retention and sales.

The CIM in the Cloud can be used to analyze customer data, segment very specific groups of customers, trigger customer ‘events’ and choreograph multi-channel communication plans based on consumer and business requirements.

Procter & Gamble admitted that it is making use of Teradata CIM in the Cloud to realize a better understanding of how its consumers wanted to engage with it and using that knowledge make communications more relevant, which would lead to better customer relationships. 

“Businesses everywhere run costly and sophisticated marketing campaigns to get the attention of their customers, yet much of that money and effort is wasted because it’s a one-way street – outbound only,” said Gonzalo Hidalgo, general manager of IMM/CIM for Teradata Applications. “Teradata Customer Interaction Manager makes marketing the two-way street it should be, and helps drive revenue by combining insights from digital and offline campaigns alike to form a 360-degree view of all customer interactions.”

Recently, the Teradata Cloud offering integrated MicroStrategy’s analytics platform and Teradata added Dot Hill as storage partner for big data appliances

Edited by Rory J. Thompson