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TeleperformanceUSA to Evaluate Contact Center Candidates Using PeopleAnswers' Predictive Talent Analytics

October 16, 2013

While every business spends a lot of time on human resources (HR) issues, recruiting, hiring, training and evaluating, contact centers are probably the most familiar with the process. Turnover in the contact center industry tends to be high – industry averages estimate 30 percent per year, while some call centers anecdotally report turnover of 100 percent per year or greater. This means that hiring is essentially the greatest cost of doing business for contact centers.

For smart contact centers, anything they can do to lower turnover has a direct correlation to bringing down costs. Reducing turnover frees up managers to manage instead of interview, and it can help ensure that agents are more experienced and knowledgeable, which leads directly to better quality customer service. For this reason, many contact center organizations have turned to solutions that can help find employees who are a better fit for call center work.

Contact center outsourcing services provider Teleperformance USA has reportedly contracted with a Dallas-based company called PeopleAnswers to help it perfect the hiring process in some of its contact centers. PeopleAnswers offers a solution it calls “personalized Predictive Talent Analytics.” It’s a cloud-based hiring assessments and performance product designed to help companies maximize the quality of their hires while reducing both turnover and hiring costs, and streamlining the selection process.

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“As we continue to grow, the quality of call center staff we employ becomes even more critical to our business and sets our service levels apart from other outsourcers,” said Marcie Ballard, vice president of Human Resource Recruiting for Teleperformance USA, in a statement. “PeopleAnswers creates a simple, science-based hiring process that helps us select candidates who will be more productive, happier on the job and deliver a better customer experience for our clients. Teleperformance USA is a people company and focused on finding candidates who share our company values.”

Teleperformance USA will use PeopleAnswers software on its desktop and mobile platforms to evaluate, select and hire contact center employee candidates in two U.S. and one Philippines site. After that, it plans to implement the solution across all Teleperformance USA sites. Teleperformance will screen candidates using PeopleAnswers’ “Predictive Talent Analytics” technology to compare what it calls the “Behavioral DNA” of each candidate to a custom performance profile built for each position to determine hiring recommendations. Recruiters will use PeopleAnswers to prioritize candidates before contacting the top recommendations for interviews, said the companies.

Edited by Alisen Downey