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Level 3 Communications Provides Canon with IP Voice and Collaboration Services

October 16, 2013

According to a statement issued yesterday, Level 3 Communications, Inc. will work with Canon do Brasil—Canon, Inc.’s Brazil-based subsidiary—to provide the graphic and document management organization Internet protocol (IP) voice and collaboration services.

With the help of its more than 450 employees, Canon do Brasil has run operations in Brazil for nearly 40 years, but this partnership with Level 3 Communications will surely make the company’s business operations run even smoother for the next 40. As noted in yesterday’s announcement, Level 3 Communications will implement its services to manage Canon’s seven regional call centers’ voice communication processes.

The communications company is also providing Canon’s regional staff with various phone options, including IP phones, “softphones” and analog phones. Each option supports a different employee role within the company. With Level 3 Communications supporting about 70 Canon call center positions, these services improve Canon’s efficiency in supporting such phone options and its customer service set-up, thus making the company’s voice systems more efficient and reliable. 

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Adilson Soares Gomes, information technology (IT) manager at Canon do Brasil, echoes that point: "Level 3's global telecommunications services deliver the capacity and high performance for Canon to improve operational efficiency, which in turn enables us to better serve our customers. Canon makes a point of adopting new technologies to improve our customer experience, and the implementation of Level 3's services supports our goal of promoting products focused on Canon photography and graphic arts. By using an IP telephony model, we can generate more complete information when serving our customers and optimizing internal needs."

By offering its effective solution, which includes IP private branch exchange (PBX), session initiation protocol (SIP) trunking, and time division multiplexing (TDM), Level 3 Communications will work to support various voice traffic management and collaboration solutions for Canon. As Marcos Malfatti, senior vice president of Sales for Level 3 in Brazil, notes, it’s by providing these solutions that Level 3 Communications will only improve Canon’s organizational efficiency and enhance the company’s customer service efforts.

"Level 3's advanced communications network and services are capable of supporting the applications that today's enterprises need to improve their organizational efficiency,” Malfatti said. “These service improvements enable Canon to enhance the management of its regional communications centers. We are pleased to support Canon as it expands its market presence and uses our services to improve contact with its customers."

Edited by Alisen Downey