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Oyokey Unveils 'Voice URL' for Voice Assistant Market

October 11, 2013

Oyokey Inc., a company specializing in cloud-based addressing and recognition technology platforms, recently introduced "Voice URL" that helps bring addressing, accessing and linking of information accurately using voice commands. This technology has been funded and backed by Naya Ventures.

Designed for the Voice Assistant Market, "Voice URL" targets voice centric mobile and wearable devices like Google Glass and Samsung's Galaxy Gear and voice applications such as Siri and Samsung's S-Voice.

In a press statement, Nitin Anand, CEO and founder of Oyokey, said: "Devices such as smartphones allow consumers only limited ability to type and in some cases voice is the primary human-device interaction method. With our technology, the idea is simple -- enable consumers to access the vast amount of information on the Internet, using a 'Voice URL."

Siri and Samsung's S-Voice use natural language commands to interact with the device for retrieval of relevant information. In case, commands are not pre-coded they are sent to the search feature of the device.

Officials said that accurate addressing is one of features that can be added to the capability of such applications and Oyokey's "Voice URL" is the first technology to do so.

Recently, Oyokey released its innovative, patent-pending alternative to "scan only" form factors such as QR Code and Mobile Visual Search, called the kiTags.

The platform has been developed by founder Nitin Anand by utilizing a complete "People-Friendly" process, including easy to recall natural language kiTags action codes, easy-to-access web and mobile activation systems and easy-to-manage operational platforms. Officials said that the newly launched "Voice URL" is an offshoot of this platform.

By using the kiTags Technology Platform, at, users can create, manage and track kiTags. Also, a mobile app called kiTags Reader that allows kiTags to be spoken, is available on Google Play.

Edited by Ryan Sartor