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Right First Time Adds Agent Recognition Element to Its Auditing Process

September 16, 2013

Many contact centers looking to improve the quality of their interactions – critical in today’s hypercompetitive, multichannel environment – look to outside standards to help them excel. Benchmarking and professional evaluations are becoming increasingly common as companies realize they could use help in reaching their customer service excellence goals.

Right First Time is a U.K.-based assessment and improvement program for progressive contact centers and service organizations. The company says its target market is flexibly-minded and progressive organizations and with streamlined lines of decision-making. The program is compatible with EN15838, a European standard that describes the requirements for service provision for customer support and contact centers.

Right First Time made some announcements recently: for starters, that it has added an “Agent Recognition” component to its existing auditing process. Also, the RAC in Bristol, England is one of the first organizations to take Right First Time with Agent Recognition.

Right First Time says it’s about mastering first-call resolution, which can save an organization money while at the same time boosting the quality of care. It’s also about recognizing individual agents for their accomplishments apart from the organization they work for.

“Our Standard tends to kick-start a process of first-contact resolution and CSAT improvement, delivering bottom line results and uplifts in customer engagement,” said Michael Allen, practice leader at Right First Time, in a statement. “However, the process now provides the opportunity to really improve employee engagement. From September onwards all users will be able to award individual agents involved in the process with special recognition as Right First Time Agents. This assessment is personal to the individual and not the organization. As a qualification the agent can take forward on their own CV within their existing or future employers,” said Allen.

RAC in Bristol added the Right First Time with Agent Recognition component as a way of improving first-call resolution.

Edited by Alisen Downey