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Teleperformance Argentina Wins Frost & Sullivan 2013 Customer Value Leadership Award

August 12, 2013

Frost & Sullivan, recently honored Teleperformance Argentina with the 2013 Customer Value Leadership Award.

Each year, this award is presented by Frost & Sullivan to the company that has demonstrated excellence in offering superior value to customers and aiding them with increasing profitability and reducing life cycle costs.

Teleperformance, which began operations in the Tucuman Province in 2008, delivers results for its employees, customers and partners through its unique technology and processes. Its social media solution, e-Performance, comprehensively manages the customer care of its clients with every interaction. It not only anticipates customer needs but also resolves problems quickly.

Officials said that Teleperformance Argentina's organizational DNA also raises frequent engagement with employees, which further helps in improving processes and achieving the highest level of services for their clients.

"By using best-of-breed technology and adhering to stringent industry as well as internal security policies, Teleperformance Argentina is truly making a concerted effort to deliver distinctly superior customer experience and outstanding results for its employees and partners," said industry manager Juan Manuel Gonzalez in a press statement.

With a purpose to train employees at all levels to become future campaign leaders, the Tucuman facility has also developed its own program. The program offers managerial courses on the enterprise's best practices as well as hands-on training.

Teleperformance Argentina has also partnered with local universities to promote educational activities such as the Young Professionals Program and the Education First online English proficiency platform.

Edited by Rich Steeves