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Oracle's CX Solutions Getting Global Acceptance

August 05, 2013

In today's business environment, even the smallest organization can afford to accumulate data about its customers and use that information to provide better products and services. In the past, this type of access was limited to large organizations able to spend a considerable amount of money on marketing research. Today, a website with the right applications can analyze customer sentiment and give the business actionable data without having to mortgage a house. Whether the data is gathered by a multi-national conglomerate or a mom-and-pop store, customers want an experience with a simple, consistent and relevant experience across all channels, touch points and devices.

Oracle's CX (customer experience) is expanding worldwide as global organizations are reaping the benefits of implementing the CX solution. In order to increase revenue, organizations have to understand their customers and anticipate and meet their demands if they want to keep them for the long run.

The CX experience gives companies and organizations the tools to transform operational systems and infrastructures, and to distinguish customer experience throughout the lifecycle of the customer by preventing revenue loss and improving customer satisfaction.

The platform is being adapted by some of the largest organizations around the world, including Jackson Hewitt Inc., British Telecom, Intuit, ResortCom International, SaskTel and others.

Today the customer has access to information about any organization at their fingertips, giving them almost unlimited choices in the product or service they wish to purchase. Having a system in which the customer achieves relevant experience with the organization is critical to drive them to purchase and, more importantly, to return again.

A survey conducted by Oracle of 1300 senior-level executives found 97 percent of them agree it is critical to engage the customer in a positive manner for gaining a business advantage. The same executives also estimated revenue loss for having a poor customer service through all touch points is a staggering 20 percent of annual revenue.

The CX portfolio has best in class application services in commerce, sales, marketing, services, and social. It also engages consumers using customer experience journey mapping, an approach that uses partnerships to ensure the CX solution is delivering exceptional experiences so that organization are able to acquire new customers, retain existing ones, and improve efficiency.

"We are currently in the age of the customer where the customer experience now reigns supreme, no matter how stellar a product or service may be. Oracle is the only company to provide a comprehensive CX portfolio that addresses the challenges and the solutions throughout the customer lifecycle. We are thrilled to see these organizations on the road to even further success through their implementation of Oracle CX," said Ken Volpe, senior vice president of Applications Development, Oracle.

Edited by Alisen Downey