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Intelliverse's IntelliConnection Calling App Goes Global

August 01, 2013

Cloud-based enterprise focused communications applications are growing at a staggering rate, and with good reason. They improve productivity and facilitate better customer experiences. Intelliverse has added an interesting app to this rapidly growing areas, as its IntelliConnection calling application will now be available worldwide giving sales reps and sales managers a boost for making sales, even in our challenging economic times.

IntelliConnection is a combination sales prospecting tool and customer relationship management (CRM) dialer all offered on a software-as-a-service (SaaS) basis. It is designed to give sales reps the opportunity to focus less on dialing and making contact, and focus more instead on actually trying to make sales.

More than that, IntelliConnection offers sales managers the chance to better track time spent and make sure that sales reps are pushing to get the best chance to make sales by meeting activity goals. Now, thanks to the recent expansion, IntelliConnection is available to users in over 200 different countries, including such places as Australia, India, the United Kingdom and South Korea, and obviously many more.

But what's available to that newly-expanded marketplace?

There's actually quite a bit that goes into IntelliConnection, including the ability to be used on its own or connected through to and other CRM systems. Sales reps can create calling lists and allow the software to do the dialing, and the results of such activities can be quickly and easily logged for later reference. This allows sales managers to track at least some potential problems—when the problem is simply the need to make more calls, it can be an easy fix—and remedy said problems in the earliest going.

IntelliConnection may not fix every problem involved in a sales force, but it can certainly go a long way toward fixing some of the most obvious problems. With the international expansion, more sales forces than ever can take advantage of this technology to better track performance and ensure that certain issues aren't a factor in the overall picture, thus allowing for a better focus on other potential problems that can't be so easily tracked. Since it's a SaaS application, it's comparatively easily delivered across different platforms and put into place.

Keeping a weather eye on what's going on in the sales operations helps to ensure that the best results can be had from what's available. Keeping tabs on activities, with an eye toward potential improvement, is always valuable and as the IntelliConnect demonstrates the cloud is emerging as a great way to keep track.  

The company has provided a useful video that explains the value of their platform and its focus on lead generation solutions. 

Edited by Peter Bernstein