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OrgSpan Select Makes Customer Service More Human

June 19, 2013

At the same time as we’re increasingly connected with family, friends and colleagues, there’s a growing isolation among many people. The human touch is getting lost.

Helping to bring it back is OrgSpan, which asked the question of how to make customer support more personalized and human. Its solution is OrgSpan Select, which lets customers choose the agent they talk with based on agent profiles on the company’s website.

“The idea is that empower your customers to let them choose what agent handles their interaction,” Jeff Swartz, chief operating officer for OrgSpan, told ContactCenterSolutions recently. “You go to the support web site, and we provide all the technology to give that experience where the customer can view the agents, view their profiles, view their skills, how long they’ve been with the company.”

This concept dovetails on OrgSpan’s area of expertise, which is empowers organizations of any size to search and connect with the right person at the right time.

With OrgSpan Select, companies can easily publish highly configurable agent profiles and easily embed them on their web site with a simple widget. OrgSpan Select is easy to set up and integrate, too.

“We integrate very tightly with CIC,” noted Swartz. “What they’re gaining is the whole integration from their web site to the CIC server. The customer comes to their web site, submits a question, chooses their agent, and then we handle all of the technology and all of the pieces to get that interaction into the CIC server, and get it routed to the agent they chose.”

It can integrate with just about any system, including a business’s call center system, human resources information system, CRM such as Salesforce, Microsoft Active Directory, and just about any other system with agent data, according to the company.

The system also logs the interactions with customers, which can help an organization discover trends and which agents are preferred and why.

“We have extensive reporting,” said Swartz. “Even the things like ratings [make a big difference]—being able to see what the agent ratings are and what customers are giving us feedback for the agents.”

So far, the response to OrgSpan Select has been exceedingly positive.

“The reaction has been tremendous,” admitted Swartz.

And with good reason. It brings customer service back to people and makes it about calling a known person instead of a machine that hands off the call to an unknown agent.

Edited by Rachel Ramsey