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Dexplora Enhances CRM Systems with $1.2 Million Financing

June 06, 2013

Dexplora, based in Sweden, has received an investment worth $1.2 million from popular VCs Creandum and DN Capital and twelve individuals. The individual investors include Chris Perret, founder and CEO of Nukona, now taken over by Symantec; Adrian McDermott, senior vice president of ZenDesk; and John Taysom, an initial investor in Yahoo!. The financing will assist Dexplora’s drive to enhance enterprise tools and give power to sales companies.

The team, which launched The Astonishing Tribe or TAT, has established Dexplora. The organization’s maiden offering is a smart task app, GetSalesDone, which was created to enhance sales workflow and ultimately replace CRM input. The team will utilize their design proficiency to enhance enterprise software and offer more important, custom-designable solutions for organizations wishing to exploit the competence of their sales information.

In a statement, Hampus Jakobsson, co-founder and CEO, Dexplora said, "Traditional CRM systems don't seem to be designed with the end user—the human—in mind. This means that no matter how powerful a tool it may be, companies aren't getting the best out of it. After years of working in sales ourselves, we felt that there was a real need for a tool that is intuitive and intelligent, and so after months of development and working with over 50 test companies, we're happy to announce the launch of GetSalesDone—the best way to be mobile with the essentials of"

The financing will assist Dexplora in introducing GetSalesDone in the U.K. and U.S. The organization will also be able to enhance its existing solution and offer assistance for supplementary enterprise solutions.

According to Staffan Helgesson, general partner at Creandum, the organization is happy to invest in Dexplora. While good quality design hasn’t been a key concern in enterprise software, the time for an amendment has finally arrived. GetSalesDone will not only alter the CRM systems, but also enhance the manner in which organizations carry out business.

Jakobsson said, "We're thrilled to be supported by such premier investors in Creandum and DN Capital and our twelve angels. The capital will allow us to continue to develop our product offering and to prove that good design is as important for enterprise as for consumers."

Edited by Ryan Sartor