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Contact Solutions Deploys AnyPresence to Develop Mobile Customer Service Apps

May 23, 2013

In an effort to create next generation mobile customer service applications (apps), Contact Solutions, a provider of on-demand contact automation solutions and hosted interactive voice response (IVR) in North America, has deployed an enterprise mobile development platform – AnyPresence.

With the help of AnyPresence deployment, Contact Solutions could develop their next-generation mobile customer service offerings on it, thereby providing asynchronous communication between agents and consumers through mobile channels. This will help transform the way companies interact with their customers through mobile devices.

AnyPresence is an enterprise mobile development platform powered by a robust mobile backend-as-a-service (MBaaS). It provides businesses of any size with the ability to assemble and deploy HTML5, native iOS and Android apps without any software installation.

Reducing time and cost of mobile-enabling business processes across multiple devices, AnyPresence also provides pre-assembled mobile app templates, SMS, push-notifications and other capabilities to further drive time-to-market.

Initially, Contact Solutions will leverage AnyPresence to develop native mobile applications, which will facilitate consumers to communicate with customer service agents via text messaging. It will also support the transmission of audio and images to facilitate customer service interactions.

Consequently, Contact Solutions will be able to quickly innovate as well as launch an asynchronous customer service offering on mobile devices that will greatly improve how people interact with companies.

Paul Logan, CEO of Contact Solutions, said in a statement, “As the leader in continuous improvement of customer self-service, we are excited to empower consumers with innovative automated and live-agent customer service capabilities from any mobile device.”

Logan added, “AnyPresence partnered with us to help bring this vision to reality with their unique technology, which offered us cross-platform development, flexible deployment options, and ensured no platform lock-in.”

According to AnyPresence, its platform is easy to use, yet flexible enough to enable source code-level customization or on-premise hosting options, with no platform “lock-in”.

Edited by Ashley Caputo