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Interactive Intelligence Gives You the Chance to Interact with Thought Leaders

May 13, 2013

While the eyes of the basketball world may be on the Indiana Pacers, another Hoosier State-based company is in the spotlight this week as well: Interactive Intelligence. Interaction is right there in the name, of course, and over the next several days, partners, customers and celebrity guests will have a chance to Interact with Interactive Intelligence.

Interactions 2013 is jam-packed with big names. The human being who has traveled farthest from earth, former astronaut Jim Lovell (you may remember Tom Hanks’ portrayal of him in Apollo 13) will deliver a keynote. Lovell will be joined by the flight director of that fateful mission, Gene Kranz (portrayed by Ed Harris in the film). Also speaking at the event is none other than Angie Hicks, founder of Angie’s List.

The theme of this year’s event is “Deliver the Experience,” and organizers state that this three-day event is a chance for Interactive Intelligence customers, partners, consultants, analysts and more to gain insight into how companies can focus on customer experience.

"Our goal for Interactions 2013 is to give companies educational information about the technologies and best practices that can help them most effectively turn customer service into a sustainable business advantage," said Interactive Intelligence chief marketing officer, Joe Staples, in a statement. "This is a truly global event and those attending will benefit from the expertise of a wide range of speakers — from our own team of senior product and strategist specialists, to customers and third-party industry experts from around the world."

The event will feature over 120 session on topics such as contact center automation, unified communications, business process automation, cloud communications, social media, mobile customer service, workforce management and much more.

As mentioned, TMC’s Peter Bernstein will be covering the event, so check with us throughout the week for news and updates!

Edited by Rich Steeves