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Twilio Adds Contact Center-Focused Capabilities to Communications API Platform

May 03, 2013

The list of advantages with cloud contact centers is rather long. Perhaps the greatest advantage of cloud-based contact center is flexibility. While traditional contact centers come with an unmistakable one-size fits-all approach, cloud contact centers let you scale your operation according to your customers’ demands. No wonder the cloud contact center is a huge market in North America today.

Earlier this week, Twilio, a cloud communications company that is redefining telecom by merging cloud computing, web services and telecommunications, extended its footprint into the market with an upgraded communications API platform, complete with an array of contact center-focused capabilities.

Twilio provides a telephony infrastructure web service in the cloud, allowing web developers to integrate phone calls, text messages and IP voice communications into their web, mobile and traditional phone applications. Twilio officials said the enhanced platform will trigger the rise of new breeds of contact centers that can be up and running quickly and have all the advanced capabilities of WebRTC as well as other multi-channel communications.

Updated mobile SDKs have been added to allow contact centers to leverage remote workers and mobile workers using tablets and phones. Also, the new API will allow companies to embed voice in their mobile apps as well as allow customers to call from the app and share the context without having to repeat information.  

“Traditional contact center solutions, both on-premise and hosted, took a one-size fits-all approach. These solutions required customers to invest in costly and time intensive processes and consulting services, and hardware, to create contact centers that never really met their needs. Twilio enables a new breed of contact centers that can be up and running quickly, leverage advanced capabilities like WebRTC and other multi-channel communications, instantly scale to meet customer demand, and can be easily customized via standard web programming languages to address rapidly changing business requirements,” CEO and co-founder of Twilio Jeff Lawson said.

Edited by Stefania Viscusi