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SoTel Systems to Distribute Samsung Telecommunication Products through Agreement with TeleSwitch

May 01, 2013

Missouri-based business communications provider SoTel Systems forged an agreement with TeleSwitch, a Florida-based telecommunications services company. The agreement allows SoTel to distribute Samsung telecommunication products to TeleSwitch’s Samsung dealership clients. SoTel will officially start distribution May 1.

Under the terms of agreement, SoTel will also provide customer service to TeleSwitch's Samsung value added reseller customer base, throughout the United States.

Accordingly, SoTel has expanded its service team, with the hiring of a new Account Executive, operating out of Miami. Also, a new logistics and fulfillment agreement has been signed between SoTel and TeleSwitch. As part of this agreement, TeleSwitch will provide will-call access and one-day shipping for Samsung telephony and data gear to South Florida regional Samsung Dealers.

The two companies have done business together in the past, and the current distribution agreement builds on their previous successful collaborations.

“SoTel and TeleSwitch have known each other and done a lot of business together for many years. It was a very natural conversation to reach an agreement with their team. Because of this agreement, both companies are now further down the road with their respective strategic initiatives,” TeleSwitch president Ken Cooke noted in a statement.

The partnership between the two companies is expected to further enrich Samsung’s nationwide distribution infrastructure. The reverse logistical services, such as repair and refurbishment, that SoTel will offer will definitely benefit Samsung dealers across the USA.

“Samsung has an excellent distribution infrastructure in place already. But SoTel brings unique value propositions, such as in house SIP trunking for bundling with our products, as well as reverse logistics offerings such as repair and refurbishment. We believe they will bring a lot to the table for our US dealer network,” said national sales manager of distribution for Samsung Terry Bloom in a statement.

SoTel CEO Jim Goebel added, “We intend to build upon the excellent foundation of superior service and value already built by Ken and his team at TeleSwitch. Hopefully, the additional value add-ons and differentiators SoTel brings to the table will be apparent to the dealer community. We are excited and proud to represent Samsung and its family of products to the marketplace.”

Edited by Blaise McNamee