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KANA Brings It All Together with New Release of KANA Enterprise

April 16, 2013

KANA today debuts the next generation of KANA Enterprise, which the company says is the biggest launch in its history.

With this release of KANA Enterprise, which is available via the cloud or as an on-premises solution, the company’s case management, self service, social analytics and social listening modules now talk to one another.

For 20 years KANA has been 100 percent about customer service software, so it’s grown up in this space, CMO James Norwood tells ContactCenterSolutions. Over time, KANA has added new features like e-mail management, live chat, and social media capabilities to its offering, he says. But about a year ago, KANA took a step back and decided to revisit customer service based on the current landscape, which involves heightened expectations of businesses, he adds, noting there’s a real need today for businesses to deliver a high level of customer service, and a consistent customer experience across their brands.

Having worked with more than 900 global customers, KANA learned that those businesses have built out each channel in a very siloed way, Norwood continues. But, he adds, organizations need to think about customer experience holistically rather in piece parts, and KANA wants to help them do that.

KANA understands the context of individuals based on their history and everything they’ve done, even in real time, he says, and it can enable its business customers to use that information to make the right moves at the right time. For example, if a person is on a website perusing smartphones, KANA can see that and enable a wireless service provider or other smartphone supplier to see that and launch a chat after a certain amount of time or push that individual a document suggesting three smartphones they should consider.

Edited by Rich Steeves