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Altitude Software Explains its UCI Solutions at ITEXPO

April 04, 2013

Customer interaction is important at all levels of a business. No one understands this more than companies that deal with Unified Customer Interaction solutions, since they have to make sure a business and its agents can track and respond to any and all customer interactions coming from a variety of sources.

Among them is Altitude Software, which had a few things to tell ContactCenterSolutions at ITEXPO Miami 2013.

See the video below. 

Altitude Software recently celebrated its 20th anniversary, so it has experience worth sharing. It’s headquartered in Portugal, but has locations around the world, with over 300,000 users who are making the most of its UCI solutions. These users work in banks, insurance, healthcare, or any other industry that needs call centers and interacts with customers, as the core need for all of those are the same: keep the customers happy.

Just recently, Altitude released the Altitude UCI 8, the latest version of its UCI solution. It supports all types of media, including e-mail, SMS, instant messaging, voice, and of course the ever-important social media. All run in a unified queue with intelligent routing, so they can be delivered to the agency on a unified desktop environment that makes them easy to work with. All the solutions it offers are developed in-house, so they’re completely integrated.

It has also recently introduced real-time analytics to its solutions, keeping up with customer interactions as they happen.

“This has reduced a lot of training needs,” explained Teresa Jose, Product Marketing Manager of Altitude. “So if a company’s already using email, it’s very easy to re-use the knowledge base and to adapt agents to respond now to twitter or to chats and to use the same logic.”

Not only that, but Altitude has included workflow for back-office agents. This blends the back-office tasks and processes with the customer interactions, so the workflows continue to move quickly and smoothly with all the proper agents.

Speaking of agents, it offers yearly awards for “Best Agents,” honoring those who do an exemplary job.

Whether or not they’re always right, the customer is always important. Altitude knows this, and is helping businesses keep track of their interactions with customers to ensure they’re providing the best experience possible.

Edited by Braden Becker