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Local Direct SEO Introduces Six Cent Call Tracking

April 04, 2013

It’s easy to lose track of your Internet marketing expenditures if you don’t know how to track them. It is especially hard to track the phone calls that arise from paid advertisements. Apart from that, the cost of tracking such calls is also increasing.

Bringing some relief to customers who are plagued by increasing costs of phone call tracking, Local Direct announced that the company has introduced its 6 cent call tracking for new customers through the end of April 2013. According to the company, this is good news for the customers as many of them are paying around 15 cents a minute.

The companies that are tracking the phone calls customers have made to their company are getting hit in two ways. First, the tracking system is not foolproof. If there is considerable time gap between surfing a company’s website and making the actual call, most tracking systems will not track the call back to the paid advertisement.

Also, many companies end up paying a high price for these incomplete tracking systems. Some pay 12 cents and some even pay 15 cents a minute, along with the inability that accompanies such call tracking solutions.

Local direct claims to connect the online customer surfing habits with their offline behavior and help companies get the best results out of their internet marketing spends. It provides state of the art call tracking systems that helps companies to understand if the money spent on Internet marketing is yielding results or not.

“Tracking and measuring results appropriately allow business owners and marketers to use quantitative data to make better decisions.” states Don Friend of Local Direct. Furthermore “This is one area many companies get it wrong, depending on the business, calls can be a significant portion of inbound leads and attributing them correctly is important. It can make or break your data and the success or failure of the campaign.”

Recently, the company announced an easy to install call tracking solution.

Edited by Brooke Neuman