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e-Core Team Takes the Family Approach to Customer Care

April 04, 2013

Knowledge leaders in their respective fields generally have to exercise the brain to maintain a strong knowledgebase and demonstrate the value they bring to any situation. e-Core team members had that in mind when they developed an activity to test their Scrum knowledge. Teams used Scrum tactics and Agile methods to create an assembly line of paper airplanes.

Before getting too far into the details, let’s take a look at who this company is and why we care. E-Core is a provider of robust solutions at each stage of the software development process. The company’s main goal is to deliver the highest quality software that meets the time restraints as well as the business model of any organization.

Back to the paper airplane contest – the team with the ability to create the most airplanes within the time constraints given would be crowned the winner. Certain stipulations applied to the design of the airplanes, including the number of cabins, windows, doors, etc. And, each team had to guarantee the plane could do the most important thing – fly.

Why go to such great lengths? At the end of the contest, the teams were able to come together to discuss what worked and what didn’t and how the same tools could be applied to project routines. Flexibility is a mandatory element for e-Core solutions, but it also has to be present within the development team. By practicing their knowledge and skills, team members become better equipped to address customer needs in all situations.

To get a better idea of how the company performs in the spotlight, ContactCenterSolutions invited Joseph Autiero, Director of Business Development at e-Core, into the newsroom at ITEXPO in Miami. We first have an opportunity to get his take on the company.

“e-Core is a software development provider. We have an office based in Brazil so we offer near-shore software development. We help companies scale. They may already have a product they are working on but need an extra set of hands and we can bring in Brazilian talent and help them grow their company quickly. We offer specific languages.”

e-Core also varies from competitors because they offer a family model and take it to every one of their customers. According to Autiero, they want the person placed with a customer’s team to be a part of their family or business. They take that very seriously as it makes a big difference.

To learn more about e-Core and what they have to offer, download the video in full.

Edited by Brooke Neuman