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Contact Solutions' Self-Service Solution Helps Support the Boston Globe's 2013 Goals

April 03, 2013

Customers are the reason why any business exists and customer satisfaction is what makes the business thrive. That being so, the role of customer service assumes gargantuan proportions and can easily be described as the lifeline, the heart or the engine that keeps businesses ticking.

So, it’s easy to understand why the Boston Globe decided to launch a new customer self-service solution, designed and implemented by Contact Solutions, to support its 2013 goals of meeting the evolving needs of its 1.8 million weekly readers.

Contact solutions claims to be the only self-service IVR provider that offers customers a personalized experience dynamically adapted to their individual behavior with improvement to customer experience.

Along with digitalization, customer preferences are also changing, and the almost 150 year old newspaper realized the importance of maintaining stellar customer service and loyalty, retaining readers and enhancing customer satisfaction, during this period of transition.

Contact Solutions, a reputed provider of cloud-based customer self-service, is expected to help meet the varying needs of the media outlet’s broad customer base, supporting the Globe and the Worcester Telegram & Gazette.

“Our best-in-class self-service allows Globe readers to interact more seamlessly and quickly with the newspaper, and will help support an increased preference for self-service to quickly resolve subscription service inquiries,” said Paul Logan, CEO of Contact Solutions.

In fact, Contact Solutions’ continuous improvement methodology helps to align and optimize the self-service solution in accordance with The Boston globe’s goals.

Newspaper readers will now experience the benefits of the new launch. From new credit card processing, auto subscription renewal, call authentication to expanded complaints handling, and even vacation start and stop notices, the new self-service solution will reportedly handle call solutions more efficiently, decreasing caller frustration and contributing to a more positive customer experience.

Edited by Brooke Neuman