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C3 Converged Platform Enhances Communications for University of Hull

April 02, 2013

C3 has implemented a recently developed converged platform that is capable of supporting multiple communication channels such as voice, Web and text. This system is able to present messages from these different sources to agents via one single interface.

University of Hull which has been using C3 solutions for the past several years will benefit greatly from the new converged platform. C3 solutions serve the needs of educational institutions like Cambridge and Oxford besides Sheffield Hall, said officials.

The University of Hull has successfully managed inbound calls using the C3 Apcentia platform with integrated voicemail and Narrator which is a Windows-based graphical design tool offered by C3. This helps in automated call processing development.

Sally Campbell, Assistant Director Services and Administration said, “We’ve worked with C3 for a long time and have always found the team to be hands on, friendly and helpful. The technology is easy to use and allows us to control our call services at a very granular level, ensuring that call flow is managed in the most effective way possible.”

According to officials, the Apcentia platform is switch agnostic and can support TDM as well as SIP which enables the university to deliver to its users an optimized communication solution that does not depend on IP migration schedule, or core network supplier.

Such solutions serve the needs of the university which caters to a young customer base and strives to go beyond simple traditional telephony solutions. The university is desirous to provide students and faculty with modern communication solutions.

Teenager’s today use the Internet a lot and prefer to communicate with organisations via E-mail, social networks, IM and SMS. In such a scenario using only voice communication will be outdated.

The new C3 converged platform supports voice, Web and text, and presents messages on a single interface. This solution can be integrated with several third party CRM systems and other C3 technology and provides organizations complete control over their communication management. They also will be able to streamline potential peaks in activity across multiple channels so that agents can deal with enquiries systematically.

In December 2012 Cable and Wireless Communications added C3’s network conferencing application to its current C3 Network Messaging system. Conference calls offer numerous advantages to companies, which save them time and travel expenses, and make meetings easy and affordable.

Edited by Ashley Caputo