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the Call Center Corporation and Coginov Introduce the Information Audit for Big Data

April 02, 2013

Big data is big business. With companies all over the world looking to make use of big data to drive profitability in their business, companies that are providing and big data and associated services are in demand.

Offering one more advanced product in the field of big data, the Call Center Corporation introduced the Information Audit in partnership with Coginov.

Although big data is of big help for companies, managing them can be a difficult task as there will be a large number of data to be processed. This new audit tool helps these companies control their big data and also evaluate the quality of their data. This data auditing tool can be extremely helpful, as 90 percent of the big data that is generated is unstructured, the company claims.

The unstructured data includes data available in various formats such as e-mails, pictures, audio files, technical drawings, office documents and so on. This often forces knowledge workers to spend time searching for the required data.

That’s where Coginov steps in with its AnswerClick. This product holds chat sessions with clients on various formats and searches websites, micro sites and servers to locate content. This method helps the users to produce intelligent knowledgebase in place of unstructured data.

the Call Center Corporation CEO, Steve Bederman, stated, “A majority of businesses have long been managing structured data, but haven’t been able to able to apply knowledge to the information that feeds back through the center in unstructured formats. Yes, some companies can categorize and consolidate emails or chats based upon certain keywords, but I have yet to see any product that can take notes, e-mail bodies or even social media, and read it then deliver an actionable response.”

Edited by Rachel Ramsey