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Armanino Unveils Warranty Management and Product Repair Offering

March 15, 2013

Armanino has unveiled a Warranty Management and Product Repair offering, especially for Microsoft CRM 2011. The product lifecycle for manufacturers, distributors, and medical device and life sciences organizations will be well supported by the incorporated application.

Normal manufacturing and comprehensive warranty agreements will be administered and tracked by the application. In the event of a product sent back to the depot for mending, the material sanctions will be managed and tracked by the application.

Field service details, wherein maintenance has been carried out at a customer location by technicians, can also be managed by the application.

Armanino's Certified for Microsoft Dynamics (CfMD) portfolio of industry modules has been further extended with the latest offering as well. Microsoft performed thorough testing before certifying the Warranty Management and Product Repair module. As part of the certification process, Microsoft had also collected customer suggestions and other intentional third-party corroborations, which verified the offering’s usability and efficiency.

The offering can also be utilized by medical device and life sciences companies for facilitating complaint management monitoring and assistance by advantageously using the "Corrective and Preventative Action" process.

In a statement, Scott Mangelson, CRM Practice Leader at Armanino, said, "This solution is tailored to satisfy FDA documentation requirements about complaints related to medical equipment or life sciences products, including failure and root cause analysis. Clients who use this solution to automate their FDA compliance create a more efficient and more accurate process for what would otherwise be a labor-intensive compliance activity."

Armanino has developed custom-designed applications to enhance the worth of Microsoft products, assisting customers in generating additional competent businesses and comprehending their requirements. The special methods through which industries control their supply chains and communicate with customers, suppliers, prospects and regulators has been replicated by the organization’s computerization of industry-definite processes.

The Warranty Management offering allows clients to either store data in a private cloud or develop on-premises systems in individual data centers.

Mangelson said, "If a company needs support in managing and moving material only, the RMA application can be utilized without the other applications. However, the suite of three modules, when integrated, is very effective for companies that have complex product lifecycles and service networks."

Edited by Braden Becker