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R Systems Europe Chooses Vertical Solutions for Complex CRM and Contact Center Needs

September 18, 2012

CRM and customer experience management solutions provider Vertical Solutions is announcing a new customer this week. R Systems Europe, B.V., a fully owned subsidiary of R Systems International Limited, has chosen Vertical Solutions’ CRM and contact center solution, VContactCenter, and purchased 400 licenses for the product.

R Systems Europe manages campaigns for numerous clients on a variety of channels, including inbound and outbound phone and e-mail. Each client has different service level requirements, warranty rules and types, and business processes. In addition, R Systems delivers support in more than 18 languages. The company has identified more than 520 different contact types it needs to support based on these and other criteria.

R Systems Europe says what attracted it to the VSI solution was its ability to manage multiple factors, languages and contact types.

“We needed a system that was highly flexible, highly customizable, and could manage multiple channels and languages,” says Endre Ruttkay, Resource Manager, R Systems Europe in a statement. “We found all of this with VContactCenter – other CRM solutions could not manage our complex customer base.”

VContactCenter allows R Systems to segment data for its various clients. Instead of having to go into the database to segment the data, or create another version of the application to accommodate segmentation, VContactCenter quickly and easily creates a data segment at the application level.

When R Systems adds new clients to its portfolio, it can create secure, segmented data, call forms, and processes without custom programming. R Systems’ agents can access multiple call forms to support a variety of clients, each using its own data, business processes, rules, SLAs, channels, and languages.

VContactCenter’s drag-and-drop management allows R Systems Europe personnel to create or modify business processes, including call forms, without external programming services. The company is building a library of business processes that it can customize for each client, and that can handle complex tasks. One essential area is managing advanced e-mail processes: the company can use different workflows to direct e-mails internally to the right group or person based on key words, to change values and data on the request, or to issue e-mails to customers based on business criteria such as when a case is open for a defined period of time. These processes can be building blocks for more complex processes based on e-mail data, said the company.

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Edited by Brooke Neuman