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Miramar Health Center Helps Addiction Care with Call Center

August 27, 2012

It could be regarded as an unlikely combination, the conjunction of addiction care and call centers, but a recent move by the Miramar Health Center in Laguna Beach, Cali. to bring in call centers to assist with patient care may be not only an advanced step, but an effective step.

Miramar Health Center launched its new connection to a major call center that deals in treatment information, allowing those who call in to be rapidly matched with the program that best meets the callers' needs in terms of drug and alcohol treatment. The resulting calls will be kept confidential, and allow Miramar Health Center to more readily meet patients' needs.

Since Miramar Health Center has a variety of tools available within its purview – psychologists, physicians, counselors and what they call dual-diagnosis treatment – having a call center to help determine which solution is best before a patient even walks in the door would improve efficiency rate of recovery.

“As an industry leader in alcohol and drug rehab, Miramar Health Center continuously seeks methods to broaden our reach, so that we can treat and heal those in need,” said Derik Brian, owner of Miramar Health Inc., discussing the changes. “By partnering with a renowned call center, we’ve increased our capacity to serve individuals who abuse substances, their loved ones, and their family members.”

Recent economic troubles have sent many toward drugs and alcohol as a means to cope, leaving demand high for services like those offered by Miramar Health. Using a call center to not only automate the initial contact process, but make it available more often as well as more confidential should help the process along nicely by allowing those who find themselves in need of such services to have more ready, secure access to them.

Drug and alcohol addiction is a very serious matter, but with places like Miramar Health Center putting more technology into the fight against same, those who want to get better should have every opportunity to do so.

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Edited by Braden Becker