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Zoho Enjoys Strong Growth, New Campaigns to Boost Customer Engagement

August 21, 2012

Customer engagement is the new approach to successful marketing. Customers no longer want to received mass messages pushed out to a general audience; they want a personalized experience that makes them feel good about a brand. Zoho is working to make that happen.

The company recently announced that its Zoho Campaigns are now available to enable companies to reach out and engage customers and prospects in their preferred location. Whether these individuals are spending time in their e-mail accounts, on Facebook or Twitter or anywhere else, companies want to be able to make that direct connection.

Zoho Campaigns offers rich e-mail and social campaign functionality, while tightly integrating with Zoho CRM, the company’s on-demand CRM solution. The combination of Zoho’s CRM, Campaigns and Support ensures customers gain access to a full suite of integrated applications that will help drive more sales, better service and increased satisfaction.

“Today, customers need to spend a lot of time and effort integrating different applications they use for sales automation, e-mail marketing and customer support,” said Raju Vegesna, evangelist for Zoho. “Even then, they still don’t get a tightly integrated system.”

“With the bi-directional integration between Zoho Campaigns and Zoho CRM, lists remain up to date, and sales representatives can now see how customers acted on previous e-mail marketing campaigns, right from within their CRM,” added Vegesna.

Key elements within Zoho Campaigns include e-mail campaigns that allow users to create and schedule e-mail communications to reach and engage prospects and customers. Opens, clicks, unsubscribes, bounce backs and more are tracked with detailed, real-time reports.

Social campaigns enable users to reach customers through preferred social media channels. Statistics will reveal the number of shares, comments, Likes, Tweets, Retweets and more.

With Zoho CRM integration, contacts and leads within the CRM applications are easily synchronized with mailing lists within Zoho Campaigns. Information regarding the campaign is also synchronized with Zoho CRM, allowing the campaign details to be viewed in the context of the customer within the CRM application.

“Zoho is always an exciting place,” CEO Raj Sabhlok told TMC, when asked what’s new at the firm. “We’re fortunate enough to continue to have triple digit growth for the company, so that means our subscriber base continues to grow. We continue to grow on our offerings as well. We have an announcement out today that we now integrate with Google Drive.”

Sabhlok recently joined Rich Tehrani in the TMC newsroom in San Jose, CA for the Roadshow. To learn more about this latest integration and other exciting Zoho news, check out their video interview above.

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Edited by Braden Becker