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Home Security Industry Cleaning Up Its Customer Service Act in an Era of Social Media

August 10, 2012

If you don't provide good customer service, you lose customers. It's a very basic tenet of business. Some companies do better than others, but many are still lagging on the idea that in order to succeed, you need to provide excellent customer service.

The message has gotten more urgent since the advent of social media, which allows large groups of consumers to share their experiences, opinions and reviews of products and services online. In a tight economy, people are even more likely to take the time to carefully review others' opinions and experiences before shelling out precious cash.

The home security systems industry would appear to be one of those late to the customer service party. That may be about to change, according to, which has found that a new key performance indicator for the home security industry focuses on customer reviews as consumers learn to do their research on review sites and support companies that have better track records in customer service., an alarm system review website, uses reviews from all over the Internet to help it create their top ten rankings, along with sites like Angie's List, Yelp and the Better Business Bureau, to determine which alarm companies provide the best customer service. While having superior technology and a great product is vital, these features do not make up for poor customer experiences, according to AlarmSystemReport. Consumers want to know in advance that the customer support security company they do business with is as good as the product they are selling, and they will decline to sign contracts with companies with poor customer service track records.

Security companies, like most companies, are realizing they need to live with the openness that social media provides to consumers researching the best service providers. Rather than trying to control the messages in social media (which is rather futile), these companies would be best served by improving their customer service and ensuring customers have nothing to complain about.


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Edited by Brooke Neuman