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Successful Customer Service Contracts Centered on Issue Resolution

July 12, 2012

Customer service in this technological age can be a bit tricky. There are quite a few different things that a customer service center can do for their customers, but there are also some things that it must not do. Some of the best customer service agents in the world recently got together to work out just what a customer in the 21st century needed most and they arrived at a couple of different answers. 

The first answer is that companies in this era should not attempt to give customers access to everything they want. In other words, companies should not attempt to be all things to all people. A company should work to limit the amount of channels they actually offer to their customers. They also need to find a way to balance those channels in a way that still gives their customers the ability to control their choices. In other words, once a company offers up certain choices for their customers, they must make sure those choices are carried out to the best of their ability. In order to make sure that a customer is able to take the right path towards problem solving, a company must make sure there are only certain choices. The lack of choices means that the customer will take the correct path toward solving the issue more often.

The simple truth is that a recent surveyshowed that customers are far more interested in having their problem solved than even getting that many choices towards the path of solving the problem. While companies are always trying to add different channels and services for their customers, those customers don’t need or really want them. That is the secret that customer service companies need to understand. Customers want their particular issue solved as quickly and easily as possible. Resolution, not choice is the key for the successful customer service department.

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Edited by Brooke Neuman