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Interactive Intelligence Selects Sangoma's A10x Solutions for Interaction Edge VoIP Gateway

June 14, 2012

At Interactive Intelligence’s recently concluded Interactions 2012Interaction Edge VoIP gateway caught the attention of everyone at the event. Customers in particular were impressed with the single-box intelligent appliance, which incorporates Interactive Intelligence's award-winning VoIP gateway technology with advanced media server functions and SIP proxy applications. show in Indianapolis, the introduction of the company’s

Not revealed at the time were what makes this the little engine that can. Today it was revealed by Interactive Intelligence and leading hardware and software components supplier Sangoma that what is inside are Sangoma's A10x digital series of T1/EI interface boards – the A101, A102, A104 and A108 T1/E1. 

Covering a broad rand of customer requirements

Interaction Edge will be available in a range of one to eight TDM-to-IP digital telephony spans. This will allow it to serve a wide range of customer requirements through a single server-based chassis.

As Peter Nees, product manager for Interactive Intelligence stated: "The processing capacity of standard computer servers has reached a point where they can comfortably supplant interface boards populated with DSPs and integrated telecom software…The Sangoma A10x digital boards provide us with a powerful and clean platform to implement our own telecom stack and software in a manner that delivers powerful and cost-effective performance with the Interaction Edge product. As a result, we can concentrate our development efforts on our own technology without the effort and expense of supporting third party code."

The award-winning A10x digital series packs a versatile and powerful punch. It fit perfectly Interactive Intelligence’s overall architecture objects of simplifying enterprise networking connectivity and management while delivering cost-effective solutions that are multi-functional, extensible, easily managed, flexible and high in performance.

The A10X series of boards are PCI and PCI-Express that are compatible with PSTN line codes used throughout the world. Sangoma rightfully touts the fact that they have been built with telco-grade hardware to assure reliability, including having the industry's only lifetime warranty.

In terms of capabilities, Sangoma notes that the A10x provide, “Driver support for Asterisk(R), FreeSwitch(TM), and Yate as well as other open source and proprietary PBX, Switch, IVR and VoIP gateway applications provide solution innovators with the flexibility needed to deliver innovative and reliable solutions to the marketplace.”

This is a great piece of business for Sangoma. Interactive Intelligence is a pace-setter in the market covering a host of markets (enterprise, contact center), solutions (premises and cloud), applications (business process automation, CaaS, unified communications) and integrations for collaboration including leveraging business intelligence, mobility, social media, etc. 

Sangoma to say the least is delighted. "It is evident by their selection that Sangoma's reputation for quality engineering and reliable products is well deserved,” said Doug Vilim, vice president of worldwide sales for Sangoma. “We are looking forward to expanding our relationship with Interactive Intelligence, and assisting them in delivering the Interaction Edge and many more products in the future. We are delighted that an industry leader such as Interactive Intelligence has selected the A10x digital series as a fundamental component of its innovative Interaction Edge solution."

The migration from TDM to IP has become a top priority for businesses and organizations of all sizes. The challenge has been to provide solutions that enable customer to gracefully migrate to the full-functionality of IP in a reasoned manner that does not break the bank.

Interaction Edge is an important addition to the Interactive Intelligence line-up for doing just that, and Sangoma’s expertise at the board level to provide industrial strength capabilities is a critical part of the equation.  

Edited by Braden Becker