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American Directions Group to Hire Nearly 200 Staff for New Center in El Paso

June 14, 2012

Survey research and polling firm, American Directions Group (ADG), will start a new communications and interviewing facility in El Paso, Texas. The project is the direct consequence of the company’s business growth over the recent years.

This new facility allows the company to handle more projects, and offers a stronger bilingual calling capacity than ever before.

For the last 15 years, ADG has been operating interviewing facilities in Lakeland and Gainesville, Fla.; and Spokane, Washington. The new facility at El Paso, expected to staff 150-200 telephone interviewers, makes a significant value addition to the company’s portfolio.

In its final stage of configuration, the new center, called the Gateway West facility, is expected to be operational by mid-June.

With over 30 years of industry experience, ADG employs hundreds in their existing call center locations, conducting well over 300,000 telephone surveys on an annual basis. ADG has an impressive clientele spread across diverse sectors. When it comes to getting public feedback on certain issues or when it comes to sending across certain message, clients rely on ADG’s data collection and communication services.

The company’s clients include banks, hospitals, supermarkets and TV networks to politicians, membership associations and even Federal agencies.

“We had been planning an expansion in 2012 due to growth in our business, and the selection of El Paso allows us to handle our growing business, as well as the increasing percentage of work being conducted in Spanish,” said Group Chairman Walter Clinton.

ADG invited those El Paso residents interested in call center positions at the new facility to fill out an online application at the company website.

ADG Human Resources personnel are currently scheduling interviews and training classes.

Edited by Braden Becker