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Badgeville Let Engine Yard Gamify its Customer Support Community

May 16, 2012

Engine Yard, a Platform as a Service (PaaS), has integrated Badgeville's Behavior Platform to add gamification capability to its customer support community – the industry's first gamification instance in the Zendesk community.

The integration allows Engine Yard support to proactively recognize and reward community input from customers and employees. With the rapid growth of Engine Yard’s worldwide customer service organization, this increases overall efficiency of customer service and reduces operating costs.

"Gamification is now part of how our talented support team communicates with customers and employees,” said Bill Platt, VP, Operations at Engine Yard. “Powered by Badgeville and Zendesk, we were able to deploy a powerful rewards and recognition experience across our customer and employee-facing support programs in just a few short weeks."

Relying on the Engine Yard’s experience in deploying and managing thousands of Web applications, developers can focus on creating great products with the needed flexibility and scalability they need. As a result, Engine Yard has emerged as a trusted name for developers building and deploying high performance Web applications in the cloud.

"Badgeville's Behavior Platform demonstrates how customers can be extremely creative with Zendesk's API and javascript framework to work with third-party integrations," said Pierre Grenier, Senior Product Manager, Zendesk. "Engine Yard showcases its innovation in partnering with Badgeville, enabling them to highlight top customer contributors and most efficient employees across all of the touch points of our platform and speaks to the future of customer engagement."

According to the press release, integrating the Badgeville Behavior Platform with the Zendesk support community allows Engine Yard’s global customer base to create engaging and encouraging contributions to the support community.

The integrated system lets customers provide live feedback and real-time content. Companies can also recognize community members providing the best answers and those who suggest product enhancements and features to be implemented.

Edited by Braden Becker