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Beyond The Arc Launches Voice of the Customer Consulting Service

May 09, 2012

Does your contact center adjust its processes to customer needs, or does it expect customers to adjust their needs to your processes? If it's the former, chances are you've discovered the concept of “voice of the customer,” a process by which you examine your customer interactions and your customers' preferences and build out your contact center operations to meet those needs.

Customer experience consulting company Beyond the Arc, Inc. announced this week it is launching a new voice of the customer (VOC) service to help financial institutions better understand customer interactions and implement processes to improve the customer experience.

The VOC program will provide a combination of business strategies and proprietary analytics that improve each stage of the customer life cycle, combining customer experience strategy with advanced text analytics to allow banks and credit unions to gain actionable insights about their customers.

“Voice of the Customer feedback helps companies pinpoint exactly where they have gaps in their service delivery across all touch points and communication channels,” Steven J. Ramirez, CEO at Beyond the Arc, said in a press release. “We help financial institutions to interpret and take action on their customer feedback.”

While many companies collect customer feedback, understanding it is the hard part. Even harder is putting it into a useful format that can be stratified, properly displayed and acted upon at the appropriate times.

To make sense of potentially millions of customer comments a client may receive annually, Beyond the Arc builds text analytics solutions using “leading technology platforms.” With the firm's Text Analytics Toolkit for Financial Services, classification engines can be quickly built and deployed to enterprise scale.

Each classification engine Beyond the Arc creates is customized to the business needs and context of the client. Credit card comments, for example, may be parsed separately from debit card, because the customer pain points differ and different groups within the bank are responsible for taking action.

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