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SpeechStorm Now Enables Call Personalization

May 23, 2008

Customers prefer if it’s known who they are when they call a firm, even including when they are greeted by a speech recognition application. They also like to have their calls handled by the right agents who can best meet their needs and who are prepared for them, or have the choice of using automated self-service to manage their transactions.

SpeechStorm’s speech-recognition-based self-service solutions now offer that personalization thanks to having been integrated with the Intelligent Customer Front Door (iCFD) solution from Genesys.
iCFD enables contact centers to personalize responses to inbound calls by using a business rules engine that determines callers’ identities’ and establishes the callers’ intents based on previous experience, collected from back end systems. Both new and existing SpeechStorm clients alike can use the iCFD solution.
The SpeechStorm products increase the caller experience by letting agents know who they are talking to and getting the call to the right agent every time while reducing overall live agent handle time. Its “front door” can also be combined with its other applications to rapidly build complete customer self-care solutions such as for bill payment, order status, and outstanding balances.
The SpeechStorm solution uses advanced call handling and customer identification to assist callers resolve their inqueries in a swift and natural way. This feature, combined with its unique assistDashboard provides enterprises with the ability to monitor and manage the performance of the application themselves via a Web-based user interface.
SpeechStorm contributed to the making of the iCFD solution. It worked closely with the Genesys team on the design of both the voice and web user interfaces; work that has helped to position SpeechStorm ahead of the field in iCFD capability and delivery.

The specific products integrated with iCFD include Sentinel (caller identification); Depot Finder, Store Locator; Information Line; Outbound Notifer; Questionnaire Builder; Call Router; Order Status, Account Status, Balance Checker, Name & Address Capture etc

The iCFD solution is in direct response to Genesys market research highlighting that 89 percent of customers want proactive communications from companies, assuming the information is useful, and 84 percent want to receive cross-sell offers. Through establishing who the caller is, their intent and history, contact centers can now intelligently upsell, cross sell and direct the customer call with speed and accuracy.

“The intelligent customer front door solution can make a phone call as personalised and easily-navigated as a visit to the company website, “says SpeechStorm CEO Oliver Lennon. “This is the experience that we can help contact centers to deliver to their customers. Together with Genesys and the iCFD solution, we can improve the customer experience in ways not previously possible.”
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