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Envision Addresses Cloud, Social Media, and More

May 07, 2012

Envision has unleashed a new version of Centricity, its workforce management and optimization, and agent coaching solution. Version 10.5 addresses the collision of social media and the call center, the rise of cloud services, and the industry trend toward application-centric architectures.

CEO, Rodney Kuhn explained that the new Centricity release rolls up the company’s Click2Coach solution, its workforce management technology, quality monitoring on social media interactions, enhanced support for virtual/work at home agents, and added efficiency in agent evaluation.

While it’s still early days for social media in the call center, there’s no question that social will have a huge impact on contact centers starting in the next 12 to 24 months, and that will require businesses to reconsider their strategies – including their call center coaching and training strategies, Kuhn stated. To make its coaching and training tools even more efficient, Envision has made several improvements, including adopting a “Salesforce-like model” in terms of the user interface and the ability for the system to present interactions automatically (based on pre-set preferences) to call center managers for evaluation.

"This major release of Centricity is based on direct feedback we've gottenfrom our customers for improved workflow, search and flexibility to deployour solutions,” says Kuhn. “In addition to the tremendous gains in speed, performance andease of use, we've also doubled the number of daily evaluations supervisorscan perform. This will have a huge impact for our customers who areconstantly looking for ways to improve agent performance, productivity, andultimately drive customer satisfaction, retention and sales."

Kuhn adds that the industry is moving from recording architectures to application-centric architectures. That means businesses like Avaya and Cisco, with its MediaSense, offer solutions that Envision can query rather than provide the recording piece itself.

Version 10.5, he adds, is also first to support virtualization. “It’s a stepping stone to get us to the cloud, which is important because a lot of customers are interested in moving to the cloud.”

Edited by Brooke Neuman