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Customer Relationship Metrics Announces New Suite of Managed Desktop Analytics Services

April 26, 2012

A new suite of managed analytics services has been announced by managed call center analytics and advisory services provider Customer Relationship Metrics, L.C. The MSP has launched its Desktop Activity BI solution for analyzing desktop activity and application performance data in order to provide better insight into trends, best practices and areas that need improvement.

Data from Desktop Activity BI is intended to guide customers as they strive to improve their company policies and refine their compliance and application usage. The solution is deployed after Customer Relationship Metrics makes a thorough assessment of a company's current customer experience-based business intelligence solutions.

The MSP then creates a targeted project plan for the customer, and puts the proper tools in place to collect and analyze data based on the plan. Once findings and impact are calculated, customers meet with trained analysts who review and interpret the data.

The goal of Customer Relationship metrics is to use business intelligence gained through SaaS data collection and reporting tools, combined with significant subject matter expertise, to lower the in-house total cost of ownership for its customers as well as eliminate gaps of skilled personnel. The company's SaaS-based systems and research methods allow clients to uncover a number of hidden opportunities to improve sales, collections, customer retention, service recovery and process failures.

Solutions aim to address customer experience analytics, speech analytics and operational analytics needs, and the company provides vast experience in the area of call center analytics. Customer Relationship Metrics is the inventor of the External Quality Monitoring (EQM) program, which strives to deliver call center best practices while unlocking human capital and competitive potential within call centers.

"Many call center managers think they're in need of more training programs to teach agents how to better utilize the multitude of applications and programs necessary to do their jobs," said Jodie Monger, founder and president of Customer Relationship Metrics. "But instead, they would receive more than a ten-fold business benefit by better streamlining processes, making the jobs of call center agents easier, and in turn improving customer experience."

"Desktop Activity BI gives call center-based enterprises a window into the life of a call center agent," added Monger. "They can see where workflows are being interrupted by slow-to-respond desktop apps, hardware or software issues, which apps are used most often and actively, and which are not used at all. They can see how much copying and pasting between applications is required. They can see time wasted on non-work related activities."

Edited by Braden Becker