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Revitas Redesigns Customer Engagement Program to Improve Business Value

April 13, 2012

With an aim to facilitate an improved interaction with its diverse customer base,   Revitas, an expert in the field of enterprise revenue dynamics, recently upgraded its Customer Engagement Program with the addition of three components: industry summits, product councils, and customer advisory boards.

The redesigned program format is expected to deliver powerful business value, education, and insight to its customers. The expanded program reflects the company’s commitment toward nurturing customer collaboration, allowing them to conveniently communicate their input about the changing dynamics of their industry.

Through this program, the company strives to offer customers further best practice insight so they can take concrete steps to boost and protect revenue, Revitas explained in a press release.

With an aim to help customers improve enterprise operations and bottom-line results, Revitas will host a series of industry summits, focusing on a single industry at a time. In addition, the summits will focus on mixing thought leadership tracks, user best practice sessions, and introductions to the power of Enterprise Revenue Dynamics (ERD).

The first such summit, to be held in September of next year, will focus on the pharmaceuticals industry.

As a part of product council’s agenda, Revitas strives to offer its customer a forum to share their use cases and feature enhancement requests. The forum can be used by the customers to plan product and solution responses to regulatory changes. Product councils meetings are scheduled to be held twice a year for each product segment – one in person, concurrent with industry summits, and the other as a virtual meeting.

Customer advisory boards will focus on strategically addressing the issues facing C-level executives and will offer insights into the long-term horizon of industry trends, regulatory impacts, investment analysis, technology adoption, and suite-level deployment models. Participants are to be selected on the basis of nomination and will also include key Revitas executive management to facilitate peer interaction and sharing.

“As partners in our customers’ businesses, this updated Customer Engagement Program raises the bar on the high service levels that customers have come to expect from Revitas. Our goal to create a program that adds measurable value to all of the vertical industries we support. To that end, we’re seeking to create a direct outlet for feedback on improving the next generation of Revitas solutions and supported use cases. At the same time, customers can gain new industry-specific insight about how the Revitas platform helps optimize contracts and diminish risk,” President and COO at Revitas, Al Smith explained in a statement.

Edited by Jamie Epstein