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Endsleigh's New Multi-Channel Contact Center to Be Powered by Azzurri

April 02, 2012

Endsleigh is one of the biggest independent insurance providers in the UK, and as such, needs a robust customer contact system to handle its influx of contacts on a daily basis. Therefore they turned to Azzurri Communications to both design, and supply, the necessary infrastructure.

It's an extremely ambitious system by most any standard, one that will require five years to both design and implement. The current strategy calls for the contact center to be virtualized across three different sites, and will use Azzurri's Contact Center Assistance Suite backed up by Avaya's Aura Elite system in a bid to provide a universal approach to making, handling, and resolving contacts.

Endsleigh will be able to, as a result, provide several different methods for contact, including voice calling, live web chat and web-call back capability, as well as, eventually, access to Twitter and Facebook. Bringing in Azzurri's systems, like their Callmedia software, will allow the center's staff to get a unified portrait of the contact that's been going on with the customer, both outbound from the company itself and inbound in terms of what the customer's been calling about.

Perhaps most importantly, especially these days, the improvement in the customer service platform will lead to reduced costs; the customer service reps will be better used, and many of the standard processes at Endsleigh customer service will end up automated, which in turn reduces the amount of time that Endsleigh reps need to spend on those standard tasks. The UK's regulatory requirements will likewise be met with full compliance thanks to the new software systems.

There's no doubt that a multi-channel call center is one of the most difficult to operate, as it has so many different avenues for contact spread out across the same number of representatives. Azzurri's Contact Center Assistance Suite is a top-quality pick for such an approach, though, as it can be easily monitored to ensure the best quality performances as well as the multi-channel capabilities that Avaya's Aura Elite system offers.

Giving customers more ways to get in contact with a business of any size is a move that often pays dividends of increased sales later on. When customers have questions about a product or service, they want answers, and they don't much care about things like office hours or customer service rep availability. So the more a business can do to accommodate customers regardless of time of day or channel, the better off they are overall, in the long run.

Edited by Jennifer Russell