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Interactive Intelligence Group Inc. and RKe Technology Join in Saudi Arabia

March 27, 2012

There's been a big move in the telecommunications sector in Saudi Arabia as Interactive Intelligence Group Inc. and RKe Technology entered an agreement to work together only hours ago.

Interactive Intelligence Group Inc. is a provider of unified IP business communications systems to firms all around the globe, and RKe Technology is both a hardware provider and systems integrator. The alliance therefore makes sense, and going deeper only makes the picture clearer.

Through the alliance, RKe Technology can now offer Contact Center and Unified Communications packages, and provide consulting and custom development.

According to Abdul Nasser Bangcola, Interactive Intelligence Group's country manager for Saudi Arabia, their country is the largest market for IT and communications products in the region, so it's surprise why the two firms decided to align there.

It's a particularly large pot, and now the two companies have a very large spoon with which to attack it. They also have a receptive market; Mofeed Qaffaf, RKe Technology's general manager, described a market that was eager to adopt solutions that yielded a reduction in infrastructure – exactly what Interactive Intelligence Group Inc. specialized in.

The combination of these two firms in an area that's eager to get their products up and running in their own operations should lead to very good things for both RKe Technology and Interactive Intelligence Group Inc. Aggressive pursuit of future clientele should likely result in big numbers, and in an economy like the current, big numbers are seldom unwelcome.

The question remains if the new alliance can provide the kind of product it offers at the kind of quality it offers in sufficient numbers to keep up with the likely flow of new business.

Assuming they've scaled up sufficiently to tackle the new flow, however, should make them more than ready to take on the challenges ahead.

Edited by Braden Becker