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CRM Magazine Awards Interactive Intelligence as Service Leader 2012

March 14, 2012

CRM Magazine recently announced that Interactive Intelligence is its 2012 Contact Center Infrastructure Service Leader winner. In a feature entitled, “The 2012 Rising Stars” from the magazine’s March issue, the article opens by commending all businesses that have survived or even expanded despite last year’s difficult economy. The article goes on to explain some of the criteria they look for in technology-based businesses, and integrating various services is an important factor. The article also stresses the importance of quality customer service of each of its candidates.

An analyst, Sheila McGee-Smith tells the press, "From a solutions perspective, it's the broadest in the industry. And from a thought leadership position, Interactive Intelligence is always expanding the reach of core contact center technologies into the enterprise."

The press release from Monday states that there are three factors that CRM Magazine analysts weigh and rate on a scale of one-to-five: (1) Reputation for Customer Satisfaction; (2) Reputation for Depth of Functionality; and (3) Reputation for Company Direction. Other criteria, along with cost were also factored into the final scores.

The CEO of Interactive Intelligence, Dr. Donald Brown states that the company’s ability to satisfy customers is at the foremost of their missions so receiving this award, one that highlights customer rapport, was especially meaningful.

Interactive Intelligence’s software suite ranks higher than other contact center automation systems because it is an “all-in-one IP communications” suite. The company’s innovative service comes at a fair cost and is received by positive reviews from its customers. Interactive Intelligence’s product demonstrates that the company’s direction is predicted to lead to a promising future. Below is a description of the product as detailed on the company’s website:

“Interactive Intelligence has taken a unified approach to business communications and process automation since 1994, when it introduced an all-in-one multichannel software platform to replace multipoint legacy systems and their complexity. “For the contact center as well as the enterprise — and for virtually any industry including insurance, banking, credit unions and accounts receivable management, government, and outsourcers — our standards-based IP platform unifies every aspect of your business. Manage multimedia interactions, automate business and service processes, mobilize your workforce. Reliably. And securely. You even integrate more broadly to the business systems and end-user devices you need.”

Edited by Tammy Wolf