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MaxACD Contact Center Receives Certification for Microsoft Lync Server 2010

March 08, 2012

Good news today for those looking for a contact solution center for Microsoft Lync, as the crew out at MaxACD netted their certification for the server program. Altigen Communications, one of the biggest names in Microsoft Unified Communications solutions, made the announcement earlier today.

The certification means that MaxACD has cleared a variety of qualifications tests to ensure that the product will successfully work with Microsoft Lync, and be as useful as possible for the end-user.

MaxACD's Contact Center for the Lync system is a call center system for Lync that's heavy on the features. It offers up a skills-based routing feature, a multi-level Auto Attendant feature, an IVR (Interactive Voice Response) system that can even integrate with your CRM (Customer Relationship Management) systems, call recording systems, and even monitoring and reporting features that can not only work on your premises, but also even offer some features that are more cloud-based for remote operations.

Customer reports from those who have used MaxACD systems suggest that they're a great way to keep your call center requirements for Lync well in hand.

The features list alone is certainly enough to snag interest, especially if you're handling large volumes of contacts. Having an auto attendant system in place is a great way to keep call volumes processed. In addition, including IVR systems that work with CRM systems will help ramp up call volumes even further, while call recording systems help to make sure customer contacts go as smoothly as possible, and  allow for improvements in service, which are vital these days to keeping customers happy...and returning.

With the global economy still doing poorly on most fronts, keeping customers happy is a vital function of any business that hopes to survive the downturn. And while MaxACD's call center solutions may not be everything your business needs to hold it together, it certainly looks to provide at least some of them.

Edited by Jamie Epstein