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Pegasystems Demonstrates Extension of CRM Offerings for CSPs at 4G World

October 27, 2011

Consistently providing outstanding customer service while achieving operational efficiencies and cost savings are coveted achievements of communications service providers.

A new CRM unified desktop solution launched at 4G World this week by Pegasystems, Inc., one of the leaders in customer centricity software and the business process management (BPM) space, is designed to achieve these goals, the company said.

Pegasystems explained that its new solution is an extension of its CRM offerings and is intended for the communications and media markets.

According to Pegasystems, new opportunities for communications service providers (CSPs) are being driven by convergence. On the downside, Pegasystems sees this as creating complexity in the deliverance of customer service by these providers. One of the notable effects in this regard is spikes in average handle times, no matter what type of inquiry is involved.

The company believes this new solution, which is based on its software for customer centricity, will help communications service providers tackle the challenging side of the new opportunities by providing them the ability to predict the behavior of customers and also quickly make changes to address fluctuating

In its announcement, Pegasystems says its solution “is the first in the industry to combine guided processing, a context-sensitive view of the complete customer, and dynamic case management for work fulfillment – all without requiring significant data migration efforts.”

Tom Erskine, director, Communications and Media Industry Solutions at Pegasystems, expressed his view of how the new Pegasystems offering will affect the industry. He said in a prepared statement, “Among communications service providers, customer service technology transformation initiatives are critical, but hampered by the requirements for massive data migration. These migration efforts often cause delays and sometimes even fail. In order to take advantage of the significant opportunities in front of them as commerce, content and communications converge, service providers need to accelerate their service transformation. Our new solution is designed specifically to handle the complexity of convergent services while allowing service providers to wrap and renew their legacy data at greatly reduced risk and cost.”

In recent news, ContactCenterSolutions reported last month, Pegasystems enhanced its Customer Service Cloud with the addition of Service Case Manager Capabilities so customer inquiries can be centrally managed “across all channels, geographies or other user-defined criteria,” and “contact center staff will always be armed with the right set of information with a complete view of customer case information, from inception through resolution.”

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