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March 07, 2008

Welcome to another edition of the ContactCenterSolutions Contact Center Week In Review.
This week,   DMG Consulting released findings from its latest report, "2008 Contact Center Performance Management Market Report," which shows a 50 percent growth rate for the CCPM market in 2008.
Also the report found that as competition among Workforce Optimization and stand-alone CCPM vendors continues to escalate; it is helping to improve offerings and market innovation in areas like agent coaching, rewards and recognition, performance appraisal management, and first call resolution. READ MORE HERE.

Also this week, an urge to change government thinking and help save the call center industry in Canada was highlighted in a ContactCenterSolutions article.
"According to economists, global competition, the high value of the Canadian dollar and the tight labor market are changing the future of the call center business. Independent economic consultant, David Campbell, argues that the area should put more emphasis on attracting financial services and hedge fund centers, which tend to pay higher salaries." READ MORE HERE.
Things are just the opposite for hosted call center solutions provider TouchStar who launched a new 'Commerce For Change' initiative to "help create jobs for remote teleservices and call center workers in areas that are disadvantaged, remote, emerging from conflict, or recovering from disaster.” According to company officials, the new program was started “to create positive change and to inspire other businesses to create change in the communities where they do business.” READ MORE HERE.
A closer look at home agents was provided in the article, "Home Agents a Key Part of Virtual Call Center Benefits," which points to the fact that virtual call centers are created for the reason of utilizing home agents. Home agents can also enhance recruitment, save money on real estate and offer flexible customer service hours. READ MORE HERE
To ensure agents are working to their full potential, call center recording collects valuable information and helps supervisors and agents improve training and the over all efficiency of the contact center.
"It’s a fact that even the best agents sometimes make mistakes; this is only natural. It’s also natural for agents to be unaware when slip-ups occur. Having the opportunity to review previous interactions, thus observing how they are perceived by customers, enables agents to self-correct. The agent may benefit even more if he/she reviews the interactions with an experienced manager who can offer tips about how to handle the same type of situation in the future." READ MORE HERE.

Call center recording is also useful in helping determine whether agents need more training. Contact centers have agents listen in on their recorded customer interactions, as a way to self-improve. READ MORE HERE.
Also this week, an article from Special Guest to ContactCenterSolutions, Medhavi Bhatia, CTO, 3CLogic,  titled, "On Demand Call Centers with a Twist," looked at traditional On-Demand call centers and recent new advancements that have added a twist to these call centers.
The Twist
Recently, there have been a number of advances in VoIP, grids, and Peer-to-Peer technology. For example, VoIP has been widely adopted not only by the call center industry, but a large number of telephone companies and ISPs as well. PC Grids, which can work distributed over the Internet, have been commercialized for enterprise use. P2P has also been in use one form or another. Some of these technologies have also been combined by service providers like Skype, which has shown that normal PCs are capable of a lot more than just phone calls. For example, Skype allows 5-10 person conferences on a laptop PC. How can these technologies — VoIP, grids, and P2P — be combined to help in the Call Center environment? READ MORE HERE.
That’s all for this week, but be sure to check back with ContactCenterSolutions throughout the week for all the latest in contact center-related news as it happens! Until next week…..
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