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SecuriGlobe Picks Interactive Intelligence's CIC to Boost Customer Service

September 26, 2011

Canada-based premier travel and health insurance firm SecuriGlobe is about to get a major customer service boost, thanks to unified business communications solutions leader Interactive Intelligence.

SecuriGlobe President Mathieu Laplante recently announced that SecuriGlobe has selected Interactive Intelligence’s all-in-one IP communications suite, Customer Interaction Center (CIC), in order to significantly enhance the customer experience.

"CIC's all-inclusive single-platform architecture has streamlined our IT support, which has enabled us to be more responsive to customers," Laplante said. "With CIC we can also now search and listen to call recordings, get a real-time view of contact center activity, and produce customized reports, all of which lets us better evaluate agent-customer interactions and more effectively train staff."

For SecuriGlobe, one of the largest travel and health insurance distributors in Canada, the company’s existing PBX and third-party recording product just wasn’t pulling its weight, according to Laplante. "Our old system wasn't integrated, lacked functionality, and didn't provide us with the customization flexibility we needed," he said.

Therefore, SecuriGlobe turned to CIC, which now supports all of the company’s Montreal-based employees, who now reap the benefits of skills-based routing, Web chat and callback, multi-channel recording and quality monitoring, reporting, unified messaging and IVR.

"By design, some of our insurance agents only interact with certain sub-sets of our customer base," Laplante said. "We've customized CIC to identify those sub-sets of customers, and through the use of its skills-based routing, transfer those callers to the agents who have been pre-designated to best serve their needs."

 In addition, CIC’s multi-channel recording and scoring add-on application, Interaction Recorder, has also been implemented.

"Interaction Recorder has given us a lot more insight into how well agents are able to field customer questions, and our supervisors now have a much better handle on the types of issues that come into the contact center," Laplante said.

It doesn’t stop there, however, as SecuriGlobe will also integrate in the next few months the Interaction Optimizer, CIC’s add-on application for workforce management that is designed to improve service, boost operational efficiencies and decrease internal costs.

"We expect to more accurately project staffing requirements based on call-flow patterns as a result of our Interaction Optimizer deployment," Laplante said.

Working closely with consulting firm, Comtois & Carignan SecuriGlobe arrived at the decision to purchase the software from Interactive Intelligence Partner Quovim Solutions, which brought the deployment full circle. Today, Quovim continues to provide SecuriGlobe ongoing support for the CIC implementation, which Laplante envisions will support company growth.

"CIC's software-based, single-platform architecture gives us maximum flexibility for adding applications that best meet our customers' needs, while enabling us to work most efficiently," Laplante concluded.

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Edited by Carrie Schmelkin