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C-Byte and SugarCRM Focus on Large Scale Deployments

March 04, 2008

Intel-based data center solutions provider C-Byte has announced a new proven mixed Linux and Windows environment for large scale deployments of SugarCRM software.

The solution offers optimal price/performance, scalability and control for SugarCRM deployments by bringing together Windows application server and Linux database server tiers, within a single Intel-based framework with shared management and storage resources.

"SugarCRM is pleased to see C-Byte offering its Data Center solution. On the one hand, Microsoft Windows as a platform for SugarCRM has been well accepted by the market and shows continuous progress. On the other hand, Linux is known as a reliable, high-end platform for SugarCRM," said Andy Dreisch, Vice President of Support and Training.
"Specifically in the case of very large SugarCRM systems, scalability and hardware costs can be optimized by using different platforms for the application and database server. Combining Windows application servers with Linux database server ensures both SugarCRM scalability and lower cost of ownership."
Company officials noted that the combination of SugarCRM and C-Byte's Application Advantage professional services methodology makes it is possible to have a "best-of-class approach to infrastructure deployment for the powerful SugarCRM suite of business-applications."
"SugarCRM deploys on best of breed technologies and C-Byte's unique expertise in platform level integration. This environment is in use at customers like H&R Block, offering price/performance and scalability to meet demands as new modules are added and new users log-on," said Trevor Biscope, for C-Byte.
Along with this announcement, SugarCRM also said it joined C-Byte's global partner program with a specific focus on systems supporting 500 or more users.
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