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UMG Joins LiveOps Contact Center Exchange Program

September 14, 2011

A premier sales driven contact center, Universal Marketing Group (UMG), recently announced that it will participate in the LiveOps Contact Center Exchange Program.

The LiveOps Contact Center Exchange Program is a comprehensive opportunity that helps outsourcers to rapidly expand their capabilities or update their technology with a more flexible, cost-effective solution. 

Marie Jackson, SVP of Marketing at LiveOps, participated in a panel discussion, "How Social Media is Changing Customer Behavior," at this week's ITEXPO in Austin. 

UMG, by joining the program will be able to utilize the results-driven intelligent routing, security and scalability of the LiveOps cloud-based platform. It will also be able to engage with LiveOps to access LiveOps' community of more than 20,000 independent home-based agents and LiveOps will have access to UMG's specialized agents.

"When we began exploring our options particularly in the cloud, we looked at all of LiveOps' competitors and what we found was that the capabilities like reporting, routing, scalability, and security are simply better proven with LiveOps. The flexibility of LiveOps platform enables it to easily align with our business today and allows us to grow at the pace we need and in the direction we want," explained Steve Horst, Managing Partner, UMG, in a press release.

UMG, as part of the program, will utilize LiveOps' on-demand platform and only pay for what they use. This will significantly reduce the capital expenditures normally required when a company is ready to expand its contact center.

To learn how to leverage the platform tools, training, and processes needed for success, UMG will team up with LiveOps.

As part of the program, UMG will also be able to combine the LiveOps platform with a revenue optimization package – customized services. This will further help them to successfully deliver the right up-sell offer to each contact and take advantage of every revenue-generating opportunity.

By engaging with LiveOps to leverage the LiveOps platform, UMG can scale quickly with on-demand access to LiveOps community of agents.

"UMG is well-positioned to expand their business and increase their ability to scale quickly from a technology perspective, as well as from a talent perspective.” At LiveOps, our technology to talent expertise allows us to address both UMG's needs. "The Contact Center Exchange Program was designed with companies like UMG in mind. We evaluated a number of brick-and-mortar contact centers and found UMG to be among the best. I'm thrilled that we're able to create this new, mutually beneficial relationship and am confident that our customers will benefit as well,” said Matt Fisher, GM and EVP, Agent Division, LiveOps.

In related news, LiveOps has announced support of job growth in America by hiring more people with a work from home option.

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